Isaiah McGuire

Born and raised in Las Vegas, I have come to love this city. I graduated from Faith Lutheran High School here in Las Vegas and chose to take the real estate course a few years after.

I learned to connect with people on a personal level and found it to be extremely important in real estate.

I have been in real estate for just over four years, partnering with my mother, Meredith ( I have learned the process of buying a home, and I know that every situation is different. Communication is my number one priority, and I want to make sure your transaction is as smooth as possible.

Selling a home can be very emotional for some people. This is why my mother and I make a fantastic team. Together we love making the selling process a breeze, not to mention having our excellent mentor, Robin Verley ( She has over 30 years of experience and through the back up team she has given us, we have all the knowledge you will need in any real estate transaction. Together we make the selling process a breeze.



Meredith McGuire

The “transaction of trust” involved in buying or selling a home is one of the biggest events in our lives. In any real estate transaction, people are the most precious component. I love people, and it has become apparent to me that through working in the field of cancer for 25 years, that understanding life requires compassion and accountability.

This work has increased compassion and accountability in my own life. Transactions in life are about the people, not the bottom line. I am a native of Las Vegas, Nevada and live here still. However, I really didn’t fall in love with my home town until after I took a humid and mosquito-infested trip to Hawaii, one long ago August. That trip turned my heart back to Las Vegas.

It has truly been a joy to work with my younger son, Isaiah! Together, we always strive to provide our clients with a smooth and peaceful process when buying or selling a home.

As a team, we have a formidable mentor in Robin Verley who has provided a back up team of 4 more agents. We are all your team! I look forward to helping you discover your dream home, or selling and/or to buying investment dream.